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A little Bee history about the previous owner.

Larry Brodeur is a man of many hats: drummer. producer. actor, inventor, and entrepreneur. In each role, and with the donning of each new hat, one thing has remained the same: his passion for the drums. Larry, who served in the United States Marine Corp. from 1957-1960, got his start performing with bands like The Melodeers and the Senationals in the northeast – performing at venues all over Providence, RI, New York City, and Washington DC. Larry’s drive and love for music led him to do some work with United Artist Records where he produced artist Maurice Evans’ record titled, “My Son”. The single was released in early 1963 and was awarded a four-star rating in Billboard Magazine. Soon afterwards and following an acting appearance in the movie Red Midnight, Larry changed his name to Larry B'ee. He went on to play in the band Larry B'ee & The Honeycombs. Larry was also an inventor and had designs on many early products like the Guitar Glove and several Guitar strap designs that even caught the attention of Guitar Legend Chet Atkins. In 1967, Larry married his wife, Meredith (Merry). They had three children: Laura, Lynn and Jeffrey. Professionally, Larry opened the Larry B'ee Drum studio to share his knowledge of drumming. He opened a small space the size of a garage on Diamond Hill Road in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, and after a short time move to a bigger location on Rathbun Street in the same city, where he remained between 1967 and 1975. Larry B’ee became an authorized Gretsch dealer shortly after meeting a rep from the company. The store moved to Main Street in 1975 and stayed there until 1988 when he moved to Slatersville Place. The current location at 425 Pulaski Boulevard in Bellingham, Massachusetts was built in 1993 and was renamed Larry Bees School of Music and Instruments and is operated under brand new ownership as of 2020.